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About Us

What is WINDS? How did we get started?


WINDS evolved out of a group of parents raising children of color in the Wyoming school district.


These parents had encountered too many instances where our children came home voicing fears, concerns, and confusion around perceptions that they could not be comfortable in their own skin.


So, many of these parents individually made various efforts to reach out to the school district to initiate some type of dialogue around the positive impact that diversity & inclusion efforts can have on these perceptions. We wanted to help foster a greater sense of community for the benefit of our own children, yes, but also for the benefit of all children.


Unfortunately, many of these parents’ efforts to work with various leaders in the school district only deepened the fears, concerns and confusion that started with our children’s perception of their experiences.


 In the summer of 2016, several of these parents started talking and decided we would work collectively at promoting a more diverse and inclusive experience for not only our children at school, but also for OUR community at large. 

As such, we knew that it would be hypocritical to limit our diversity & inclusion efforts just to the needs of OUR children. 


To truly promote & encourage an environment rich with different perspectives, we wanted to be sure that individuals from various backgrounds, all races, genders, sexual orientations and abilities, felt welcomed & encouraged to be a part of this process of creating a more diverse and inclusive neighborhood & school district here in Wyoming. Out of this context WINDS (say what stands for) was formed. 

If any of you are interested in learning how to get more involved with the volunteer work required to help WINDS grow & thrive, please be sure to reach out to us on Facebook.


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